Fairfield Recreation Ground - updated proposal now available

Results from the consultation and community engagement have now been reviewed and analysed and an outcomes and proposals report has been drafted.

We asked

We asked the local community for their views and ideas on our proposals for improving Fairfield Recreation Ground.

You said

71 people visited the portal page within the five week consultation period, and 28 visitors left comments and suggestions about the proposals. These included:

Perimeter footpath proposal – 20 comments in favour of the footpath proposal. It was suggested that the footpath should be wider to improve accessibility and should be surfaced in tarmac to facilitate access.

New access gates – The proposal to create additional access gates into Fairfield was broadly supported, however a number of respondents disagreed with the proposed location of the gates which were indicated as being in the centre of the boundary fences.

Several supported new access gates close to the Fairfield South boundary. Two respondents were very concerned about a new access gate being opened within the Fairfield West boundary citing concerns about late night noise and anti-social behaviour.

Unrelated responses - Three people suggested that a cycle route should be introduced through the existing central path.

Suggestions were also made that the central path surfacing was in poor condition and should be upgraded.

There were requests for new/updated gym equipment and user signage, improved planting and social facilities within the park.

We did

Footpath - We have taken account of the concerns about the width of the footpath and would consider increasing the width of the footpath on the Fairfield South boundary to 1.5m as the consultation would appear to indicate that this path is likely to receive the greatest use as a through route. The rest of the footpath would remain at a width of 1.2m.

Gates - The position of the new gates have been reconsidered in view of the comments received from the consultation exercise.

It is now considered that a preferred option would be to open three new pedestrian accesses into the Fairfield.

  1. At the corner of Fairfield South and Fairfield West.

  2. In the Fairfield Footpath boundary close to the junction with Fairfield South.

  3. In Fairfield Road opposite the public library frontage.

It is not proposed to create a new access point at the other end of the Fairfield where Fairfield Lane meets Fairfield Road.

The location plan indicates where the new pedestrian entrances will be positioned.

Gym equipment - The council acknowledges that the existing gym equipment would benefit from updating/renewal, there is however no funding for this at present. Should the opportunity arise in future, funding will be sought to replace the gym equipment.

Cycle route - The council previously consulted on a proposal to install a cycle route through the central pathway; this proposal was rejected by the community and the site landowners. This item is considered to be out of scope of the current footpath project.

Central pathway improvements - The council has recently inspected the central pathway and although it is in a safe and serviceable condition, it is considered that it would benefit from some renewal work. There is currently no budget allocation for this work, but this will be reviewed should anything change in future.

Social facilities/landscape enhancement - It is considered that there is little opportunity to improve these aspects at present. However there may be an option to include a facility within the existing changing accommodation should a commercial partner be identified.

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