What is the Malden Manor Healthy Streets project?

    The Malden Manor Feasibility Study is a project to better understand how people travel through, and within, the Malden Manor neighbourhood, including the Painters Estate, Sheephouse Way and Malden Manor roundabout. The study will engage with residents, businesses and schools to understand current issues and opportunities, particularly around traffic volumes and speed, conditions for walking and cycling, public transport access and the design of the streets. Traffic data will also be collected to help inform decision making and a prioritised list of potential solutions will be developed and, as budget allows, implemented over the coming financial year.

    What area is included in the study?

    See the ‘Places’ section of the website for a map of the study area. The area is bounded by the A3 to the north, South Lane to the east, Sheephouse Way to the south and the Hogsmill river to the west, including Manor Drive North and Malden Manor Station.

    What is the purpose of the study?

    The purpose of the project is to improve safety and reduce road traffic across the neighbourhood, with a particular focus on prioritising more vulnerable road users and encouraging more active and healthy forms of travel, in particular walking and cycling.

    What traffic data is being collected as part of this project?

    In order to make informed decisions it is necessary to capture as much data as possible from across the project area. This includes up to date collision statistics, parking surveys and vehicle speed and volume. As well as surveys of pedestrians and cycle movements. Data that isn’t currently held by the council, or is out of date, is currently being collected. The speed and volume data is being collected from across the neighbourhood to ensure a comprehensive picture of how many vehicles, and what type, are travelling through the neighbourhood and how fast they are going.

    Does the study have local councillor support?

    Local ward councillors: Councillor Kevin Davis, Councillor Jason Hughes, and Councillor Nicola Sheppard, have been instrumental in progressing this study and are a key part of the Stakeholder Management Group.

    What is the Malden Manor Feasibility Study Stakeholder Management Group?

    The Stakeholder Management Group (SMG) is made up of local resident representatives (each road having a rep who coordinates communications), councillors, a local business representative and representatives from Malden Manor Primary School and Richard Challoner Secondary School. The group meet regularly and act as an important point of contact between the wider community and the council. As the  group is representative of the local neighbourhood, it helps to shape the direction of the project and is one way of engaging with the wider community.

    As a member of the local community, how will my views be heard?

    As part of this study, the local community (including residents, businesses and schools) will be engaged closely through a range of communications and activities over the coming months. These include:

    • A newsletter delivered to households across the project area during the lifetime of the study.

    • A page on the council’s consultation portal providing project information, regular updates and council contact details.  (provide link)

    • The community noticeboard (located outside the pharmacy on the Malden manor roundabout) to display relevant information.

    • The SMG meeting regularly and residents can liaise with their ‘Road Rep’ if they wish for something to be raised at the SMG.

    • A series of ‘pop-up’ on-street engagement activities across the neighbourhood to chat to the local community.

    • An online resident survey and information collected during the on-street activity and distributed via SMG Road Reps.

    • Engaging with local businesses.

    • A scheduled and widely advertised design ‘drop-in’ event to feedback on the resident survey, the data collection and facilitate a discussion on potential design solutions. This will be a hands-on opportunity for the community to put forward solutions and design interventions.

    • The council taking the ideas discussed at the design drop-in event and drawing up a series of potential design solutions for consultation. These will then be shared at a follow-up drop-in session where local residents can give their views and opinions on the proposed solutions.

    What is the timeline for the Malden Manor Feasibility Study?

    The study will be delivered over the spring with community engagement taking place primarily during March, April and May 2019.

    Is there a budget for the solutions developed during the Feasibility Study to be implemented?

    The council have secured £100,000 of funding for the scheme’s delivery for the 19/20 financial year (April 2019 - March 2020). This funding is part of the council’s annual funding allocation through the Transport for London Local implementation Plan (LIP).

    LIP funding is used by councils in London to demonstrate how they are meeting the aims of the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy, which has three broad aims:

    • Healthy Streets and healthy people

    • A good public transport experience

    • New homes and jobs