Street Talk - Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) monitoring update

Dear Resident,

We hope you are keeping safe and well.

We are now almost five months into our Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) trials and are continuing to gather important feedback from our residents, as well as collecting air quality and traffic data on all immediately affected roads and those surrounding the schemes.

In early March we will begin evaluating the trials based on all of the feedback received, alongside the monitoring data. All representations will also be formally considered.

The findings are expected to be presented to the relevant neighbourhood committees in May/June 2021 and a decision will then be taken on whether to extend the schemes (up to 18 months from first implementation), make them permanent or remove them.

Traffic data was collected before the LTNs were introduced and we committed to gathering two sets of data during the six month trial period. The first set of data was gathered in October 2020 and the next set of data will be collected next week (Monday 25 January - Sunday 31 January 2021).

These measurements will help provide a picture of how traffic movements in these areas have changed since the introduction of the schemes.

Due to COVID-19 and the current restrictions in place, we understand the constraints with less travelling to school and people working from home, which may lead to ‘abnormal’ traffic conditions - but it is looking increasingly unlikely that these restrictions will ease before the end of the six-month trial period, and it is important to have additional data to consider at the end of the trials.

Across the borough we have a number of permanent traffic counters on main roads and these record traffic on a 24 hour basis. We have been using this data to understand what the wider borough traffic levels have been like throughout the pandemic. We will use this data when we assess the traffic flows measured next week to see how they relate to normal conditions. For example if traffic was on average 40% lower on a 'normal' week, we can then apply the appropriate factor (40%) to the data we collect next week as a reasonable proxy for 'normal'.

If necessary, and dependent on lockdown conditions, we will consider collecting a further set of data in the Spring, before presenting results to the neighbourhood committees.

All traffic data will be uploaded to our Let’s Talk portal.

Our next edition of Street Talk will be landing in your inboxes in early February. In this edition we will be exploring the significant shift in travel habits driven by the pandemic, revisiting our LTN trials in more detail, and taking a closer look at one of Kingston Council’s top priorities - creating a cleaner, greener borough, of which our streets play a vital role.

Kind regards,

The Highways and Transport team

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