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  • Beverley Park playground: updated plans

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    We asked

    We shared draft plans for the revamp of Beverley Park playground and asked for your views.

    You said

    Overall, the comments were really positive. Feedback on the plans included:
    • wanting more natural colours to be used in the playground so that it blends in with the local area
    • asking for a sandpit and water-based play equipment to be included in the plans
    • keeping the basketball court and teen area of the park
    • keeping the zipwire

    We did

    Based on your feedback, we changed the plans for Beverley Park playground. The changes are:

    More natural-looking design
    A number of people asked for more natural looking play equipment so it could blend in with the local area. We have changed the plans to include wooden equipment, including a multi-use play unit, timber train and carriages in the toddler area and a mini forest in the junior area.

    The previously brightly coloured surfacing as been toned down to a more natural colour which is more in keeping with the local area.

    Due to popular demand, we’ve added in a sandpit into the design, with surfacing surrounding the sandpit as seating.

    Basketball court
    We’ve kept in the basketball / teen area of the playground.

    There were concerns we might be removing the zipwire, which isn’t the case - it’s going to be refurbished and have improved surfacing underneath for the full run.

    What we couldn’t do
    A number of people asked for water-based play equipment, like water jets and fountains. Unfortunately this couldn’t be achieved within the budget. They also tend to be used mainly in the summer months and as such provides less play value than other equipment which can be used all year round.

    Next steps

    The works on site are due to start in mid September and complete in mid October 2019. The work will take around 5 weeks.

    You can find out more about the Community Parks Programme by visiting the Kingston Council website.