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  • Appointing a joint venture partner

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    Proposals to work with a joint venture partner were approved at the Growth Committee on 16 March 2017. The process of selecting a joint venture partner has now started with the publishing of an OJEU Notice at the end of July 2017. The OJEU notice invites open competitive dialogue between the council and developers who are interested in becoming the joint venture partner. Issued alongside the OJEU notice is a Strategic Development Brief. The purpose of the brief is to enable potential bidders to understand the opportunity and decide whether to bid. It is expected the process will be completed with a joint venture partner appointed by the summer of 2018.

    Following the appointment, the joint venture partner and the council will begin developing the ‘masterplan’. This is a plan showing the overall design of the development, including not just the properties but also the landscaping, public transport information and effective use of open spaces.